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Calculus is an important tool and invention to look at some basic problems in Maths. Its wide application has been influencing our lives through banking investments, architecture,... Learning calculus is a must to understand our lives and the world of advanced Maths. Many people around you may say ' we can use calculus to solve this problem!', and you don't know the method to do so. For some maximum and minimum problem, other than completing square (for quadratic functions), AM-GM inequality (for some reducible fractions), calculus can solve all optimum values for any functions. Another application is the finding of volume of sphere, prisms,... Therefore, if you want to know more how the formulae in your Maths books come from, calculus can be a tool to do so. Some of the books uses very rigorous approach, and some of them claim to take you a few hours to learn calculus... I won't criticize or doubt the effect of learning through them, but I just want to help you learn the basic ideas of calculus. Please click the links below to learn it step by step.


Meaning and calculation of limits


Important limits


First principle(definition) of differentiation


List of formulae for differentiation


Application of differentiation


Definition of antidifferentiation (Integration)


List of formulae for integration


Area under (a) curve(s) using integration


Volume of revolution using integration


Application of number e